Why is PHP so Good for Freelancers?

Somebody asked me recently why is PHP so good for freelance the number one reason is because PHP is so widely used out there in the business world something like 80 to 85 percent of dynamic websites that is websites that have dynamic aspects to them meaning their web apps it could be a shopping cart system it could be a WordPress it could be a Drupal based site 80 85 percent of them are based on PHP that’s just the fact that it matter it’s a monster stack now the vast majority of these websites are small business websites and who hires freelancers small businesses that’s who hires hires freelancers small businesses typically don’t have the money to have full-time developers on staff so they will work with freelancers from time to time or if not on regular basis so that is the number one reason why PHP is so good for freelancing when you are a developer and aspiring a developer somebody’s getting into the game you have to consider the business end of things not just technical end of things so what I mentioned PHP is the best language for freelancing has much more to do with the marketplace out there than some technological advantage that PHP may have that said in terms of getting a PHP based site or a PHP based app online it’s really like this it’s trivial to do it in Python to do it at Java to do it with c# .NET to do it with Ruby do it what you have a script is a much more work in fact to configure server set it up etc etc it’s becoming less and less what favorites a JavaScript but generally speaking PHP issues a lot easier to deploy and I think that’s one of the main reasons one of the big reasons anyway but PHP became so popular because with a PHP based app all you have to do is upload the PHP pages to any PHP enabled server and Bob’s your uncle everything is working perfectly fine whereas with as I said with Ruby with Python or Java with .NET there’s a lot of configuration and setup you got to do is a lot more work just within the WordPress world just WordPress WordPress and Drupal I think together they power maybe 35 to 40% of the world’s websites think about that I think WordPress is like 30 percent itself or 35 percent something like that just saying about that just WordPress runs 30 to 35% of the world’s websites that’s amazing if you think about it now because of that that provides a lot of work for potential PHP programmers because WordPress is built with PHP you don’t need to learn PHP to configure install WordPress but if you know PHP then doing the theme work and adding plugins and doing all the things that you could do with WordPress becomes that much easier because you’re gonna know the language that WordPress is built upon again if you are nerd looking at this and you’ve got a Java background or you got an old background or you got a Python background I’m not trying to suggest that PHP somehow technically superior in fact every single language well the modern ones the big ones they have their pros and their cons yes there are in areas where Java is superior to JavaScript or Java Script spirit to Java or PHP is a period of Python or pythons a period of PHP and depends on what the use case is meaning it depends on the type of work you want to do so one of the main themes of this channel which I don’t think you see anywhere else is that the language is or the second choice in terms of your career in terms of the job in terms of your jobs as a developer or in the in the development game now in my own career you know I I walk my talk I’ve written commercial apps in nine different languages and I would go in there and I would select the language based on the need of that job as I say you’re gonna learn on – nerd bases need-to-know basis man that’s the name of a game developers expert developers they look at languages they look at frameworks PHP Python Java JavaScript etc swift they look at these tools these languages as tools they’re tools in your tool belt carpenter doesn’t hold on to his hammer and say I’m a hammer user I just use a hammer they look at all these tools that they have as tools to get the job done you should look at programming languages as tools to get the job done if you’re properly trained in the fundamentals of programming to jump from one language to the next is really really easy because all the modern languages share the same basic qualities I’m gonna shamelessly plug my cores with my Python course or my interactive web developer course you’re gonna learn those core fundamentals they’re gonna make you a very good programmer and you’re gonna learn much more quickly than you ever thought before it’s a much better approach than doing project-based courses only you want to learn those fundamentals then you can do whatever you want.