Codeigniter vs Laravel: Which of them is better PHP Framework for you?

First things first, if you just compare the two frameworks side-by-side only about the features that they have and the extendability of the features Laravel will be the winner, you guested it! However as in choosing open-source frameworks nowadays is not only about features and it’s not always black or white, I will give you few extra information that i hope it will help you choose the right framemork choosing a framework is about which framework fits for you the best and which framework you think fits the best for a particular project.

By briefly knowing about both (that I will describe you now) will definitely help you! So for example if you are the only person that is developing a project and you want to deliver a project as fast as possible then Codeigniter is the best choice for you. You can start working on Codeigniter by simply downloading it and copy pasting it into your project and that’s it! so no configuration is required and it doesn’t matter which PHP version you are using. You don’t need to install any command tools like composer, many people are frightened with the terminal and you can literally just start googling everything.

Now before hating my opinion, I’m not suggesting doing that but let’s face the reality that many developers are choosing that way to start. Many people don’t want to spend any time learning something new and they just need to start as fast as possible. In that case Codeigniter is the best choice. Now on the other hand, if you are in a big team and you definitely need to extend your website to a very big commercial website then Laravel is your only choice.

The learning curve that you will have is worth the time as it is an actual investment for your team. It will be easier to maintain coding standards, easier to create unit tests and the code will have less conflicts. Now, I’m not saying that all of these are not possible with Codeigniter. I’m just saying that if your project is a long-term project and you need to invest more to a framework, then Laravel is the best choice. Although you will probably spend too much time learning it and be familiar with it but at the future it will help you maintain it.

As I promise I want to keep this video short, so let’s summarize everything really quickly so again in my OPINION, based on my experience.

Choose Codeigniter framework if:

  1. You are a beginner and you want to create a project very fast.
  2. Your team has maximum two developers involved in one project.
  3. You have restrictions in your hosting server for example it is using PHP version 5.3.
  4. You are more familiar with codeigniter code, as you are working a long time with Codeigniter so you are more familiar with it and lastly:
  5. It really matters to you to work on a framework that newer versions always have the backward compatibility in mind.

I can give you an example… I had a project in Codeigniter version 1.7 and it was very easy to just migrate it to the latest one version 3.1 and we are talking about a really really old project and of course

Choose Laravel when:

  1. Your team has more than two people
  2. You really care about coding standards unit tests and following the latest trends
  3. You would like to invest time on learning Laravel and how to do things right In my opinion, I think the investment worth the time as it will teach you a lot of architecture techniques and good practices.
  4. You will be more desirable at the market.

The last point is very important there are lot of jobs for PHP developers that are looking for specifically for Laravel developers There is still lot of confusion about choosing the right framework, in my opinion, and I will repeat that again is not to the best framework but it is rather to choose the best framework that fits to you. There is not right and wrong on that and just choose whatever fits to you and there you have it.